SIS/SCS: Yes or No?

Not surprisingly, this is a question that usually comes up when speaking with Cambridge residents about the elections.

It is either they first question out of there mouth: Do you support an SIS (or SCS)?

Or if the initial conversation is about something else, and there is a lull, SIS/SCS will often come up almost as a “well we should talk about this” subject.

I will say once again: this is one that I really struggle with.

In part because I UNDERSTAND and APPRECIATE that people what to know the answer, and at the same time, I simply do not have a YES/NO answer to this question.

Some folks interpret my meandering responses as an attempt to hide my true position, or an attempt to avoid answering. Rather it is me doing my best to provide some clarity on my values and character so people can get a sense of how I will conduct myself should I become councillor.

So, I know have a slightly shorter response to the question: Do you support SIS/SCS?


I do not want to see anyone die because society didn’t want to help.

I believe that how a community treats its most vulnerable members is a reflection of the soul of the community.

I think all residents are entitled to a safe and healthy environment to live in.


I will add one more thought. Today, as we speak, we have “IS/CS” already in our city. It is mobile, unsanctioned, illegal and dangerous with minimal support services attached to it.  I believe addressing this is a bigger priority.  Wanna help?



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