What next?

What is next on my project list? 
It has now been 4 days since the election. I have collected all of my lawn signs, sent most of my thank you notes, and adjusted to my new schedule. There is still lots to do to completely close off the campaign. I still haven’t cleaned up my campaign HQ (the garage). I will start that this weekend. And there is the paperwork, an official financial statement needs to be filed with the city. And then I close the campaign bank account. I believe it is important to do these steps fairly soon after the end of the campaign. One, if not, procrastination sets in, and two it is a good way to gain closure. At the same time, I am also actively working on my next project(s). I can;t tell you exactly what that is, in part because I do not KNOW exactly what it is. Community, computers, clean energy, helping people, are some of the elements that are likely to play a role. A new social enterprise, a small business, a satellite location of an existing enterprise, or a role in an existing organization are all possibilities. Keep you posted. KH
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