Services for non-profits and community organizations, is there enough?

I have been meeting with people across our great city and region for some time now. A few common elements have become apparent to me during this time.


  • Cambridge IS overlooked. 

There is no particular reason, just the way it has come to be. And as often happens, like attracts like, so as more services and options are available in Kitchener or Waterloo, the focus goes there, and so it goes.

  • Cambridge needs to step up.

This one will likely get some people up in arms. If your first reaction is ¨but I already do so much!¨, then take a deep breath, know that your contribution is appreciated AND we need you to do more. If you are NOT doing enough, or anything to contribute to your city, please consider jumping in. It is not up to THEM, it is up to YOU.

  • Cambridge is full of great people

Carrying on from the last point, I have heard many times that people WANT to contribute but they don`t know how, or feel like their efforts are not recognized or effective. I agree and I want to help fix that.

  • And?

So what does all this mean? For starters, it should give you hope. With some mobilization, guidance and leadership, we can leverage all the great potential within our city and work towards making Cambridge a safe, fun and thriving place to live.

I have a few ideas, and I would like to hear yours:

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