Other Languages

Did you that almost 3 of every 10 resident of Cambridge list a language other than English as their first language? Now you do!

I am blessed to be fluent in two languages, French and English, and I happily speak either one as people prefer.

My (maro) Gujurati is NOT where it should be however that doesn’t stop me from trying to at least start a conversation. (Kemcho anyone?)

To the many residents of Ward 1 that speak Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Romanian, Urdu, Vietnamese or other languages, please know that I wish I could communicate in your preferred first language. I am always up for a lesson in your language and I will gladly accept offers to translate if the need arises as I meet with the residents of Ward 1.

Obrigado, Dhanywaad ( धन्यवाद ), Gracias, Mulțumesc, Shukria ( شکریہ ), 

Merci. Thank you. Aabhar (આભાર ).


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