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The latest information you need on the municipal election 
-last updated Oct 15th 2018

Fact: 7 of 10 eligible voters did NOT vote in the 2014 election, do not sit on the side, get out and VOTE!

  • Where is Ward 1? bit.ly/Ward1Map

  • Need a ride to the polls on Oct 22nd? Call/txt 226-455-2341 to set up a ride (limited availability). 


If you did not receive a voter card, or it is incorrect or If you are NOT on the list but should be, or recently moved, you STILL CAN VOTE IN YOUR WARD (provided you are otherwise eligible to vote).

  • You can update your information at the polling station on Oct 22nd.
  • Make sure you have a piece of photo ID that shows your address. 

If you wish to VOTE ONLINE but are not on the list then you must fill out this form: http://bit.ly/AmendVotersList

Completed forms must be returned to the Clerk’s Division at City Hall, in person (2nd Floor, 50 Dickson Street, Cambridge, ON). Acceptable identification (valid driver’s licence or passport) must be shown when submitting the completed form.

Applications are also available from the Clerk’s Division.

What we know



Election Day

October 22, 2018

Between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the polling place listed on your voter information card.

NOTE: You can still vote WITHOUT your voter information card.

You can find your polling place here:  http://bit.ly/MyPoll2018


Extra considerations: What is NEW this election?

In addition to voting for your candidate for city councillor (mayor, regional chair, regional councilor, and school board trustee),  a yes/no question will be on the ballot this year (This is unique to Cambridge and Kingston in Ontario in 2018)

“Are you in favour of the City of Cambridge using a ranked ballot voting system for the 2022 municipal election?”

I, Kevin Hiebert, will be voting Yes to the question and I encourage you do to the same. 

There are no significant drawbacks to a Ranked Ballot, despite what you may hear.  In particular, if you wish to ONLY vote for 1 candidate, you can do so, just as you do today. Ranked Ballots add the OPTION to pick a 2nd and 3rd (and so on, per local rules).

A big advantage (IMO) : it encourages CIVILIZED and non-polarizing campaigning. In today’s First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) system, it is literally every candidate for themselves. If one candidate gets a vote, it is a vote that no other candidate gets. This leads to negative and personal attacks among candidates, as well as encourages “rallying the base” behaviour.  If a candidate knows the are not the 1st choice of a particular voter, they can still campaign to be the 2nd or 3rd choice.

Elected officials would be the only people who might be adversely affected by ranked ballot, as Incumbents tend to benefit from the current First-Past-The-Post voting method.


It is very important to note that the result of this referendum are NOT BINDING on City Council, unless 50% or more of eligible voters respond to the question.

It is SUPER IMPORTANT to note that municipal elections in Cambridge have an  average voter turnout of 30% over the last 33 years. The closest Cambridge came to 50% was in 1988 at 44%


Online Voting

October 9 (10:00 a.m.) to October 22 (7:59 p.m.)


While I am a HUGE advocate for technology, and believe in the CONCEPT of online voting, I am not recommending it as your first option at the moment.  If you are able to go to the polls and vote using paper ballots, that is my recommendation. 

If you cannot get to the polls, and would otherwise not vote, please use online voting. I recommend you record the exact date/time of your vote and keep a copy for your records. 


Advance Voting Days & Locations (NOW CLOSED)

Wednesday October 3rd & 10th 

Between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. at Cambridge City Hall (Bowman Room)

Saturday October 6th & 13th

Between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at the Hespeler Arena and Preston Auditorium, and between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at Cambridge City Hall (Bowman Room)

*Accessible voting devices will be available on advanced voting days at Cambridge City Hall, Bowman Room.

Oct 15th UPDATE:  ADVANCE VOTING DAYS ARE ALL PASSED. You can vote on Election Day, Oct 22nd starting at 10am.

If you did not get  a voter card, you can still vote!

Details on who is eligible to vote, and which identification is needed to vote can be found here: https://www.cambridge.ca/en/your-city/information-for-voters.aspx

You can find your polling place here:  http://bit.ly/MyPoll2018

What we don’t know

How the online voting is audited to prevent mistakes or fraud.

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