Who I am

I will share that I struggled most with the content of this page, yet it is the one subject I know best!

Some people write entire books about who they are, perhaps one day I will as well.

That is not likely why you are here however.

You want to know who Kevin Hiebert is, and whether you should vote for him.

Well, Kevin Hiebert is… me, and yes you should vote for me.  I will represent Ward 1 like nothing you have ever seen!

Ok, so you might want a bit more than that.

Although born in western Canada, I grew up in Montreal and did most of my school there, in French. I moved to South Western Ontario in 1989 and attended Western University for 1 year.

I spent the next 25 years working full-time, first in retail, where I gained valuable customer service and management experience, then in Information Technology (IT), as a service technician, sales rep, service manager, and ultimately president and owner of a successful Managed Print Services practice that was sold in 2013.

One year as a vice-president of the acquiring firm, during which time I oversaw the integration of the firms and maintained major client and vendor relationships, capped a fulfilling quarter century of my work life.

I took on the role of homemaker for our household. A role I enjoy immensely.

I made history in 2015 as the 1st (& still only) male early childhood educator (apprentice) at my local daycare. I worked as an apprentice ECE for 1 year, and began to realize that my love of babies, toddlers and youngsters was a sign of my intense and unwavering passion for helping others succeed at being their best selves.

I began teaching art to school aged children, as an Artshine certified instructor, as well as filling a variety of supply roles within the school.

I currently work part-time as a custodian at my local school. Safety and cleanliness with a smile!




I am a proud resident of Preston/ Cambridge.  My wife and I purchased our first home in late 1999, in fact I still remember signing the papers just days before the end of the millennium, December 27th 1999 if memory serves.

We moved in to the Eagle Valley neighbourhood in the spring of 2000. For many years the easiest way to tell people were I lived was “in the old quarry off Eagle Street”.

Over the years, we have watched our neighbourhood grow, and been blessed with two lovely girls who were born at CMH and that I love each and every moment I breathe.



Below you will find my business, work, education and volunteer experience. I think this is important information for you to have as you decide whether to vote for me on October 22nd.


Volunteerism has been a part of my life as far back as I remember.



  • Old Post Office Tour Guide
  • Teen Media Boot Camp Leader
  • Other Projects


CKMS 102.7FM, Radio Waterloo

  • Secretary, Board of Directors
  • Member, tech committee
  • Chairperson, fundraising committee
  • Host & programmer, multiple radio shows


Ecole St-Noel Chabanel

  • Member, school committee for le Centre ontarien de prévention des agressions (COPA) – 2016
  • Various school activities: 2011-2017


The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)

  • Chairperson,  Canadian IT Business Community – 2013-2014
  • Executive Council Member,  IT Services & Support  (Canada) – 2011-2014


Association of Field Service Management International (AFSMI)

  • Executive Council Member,  AFSMI (Canada)


Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)

  • Sighted reader (home visits)


Big Brother & Big Sisters of London

  • Big brother
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